Elaine Yeung

Water - Disappearance!                              Nothing

仙境- Wonderland


Hello, I’m Elaine Yeung. A little girl come from the big city – Hong Kong few months ago… I’ve been painting for around four years, but still don’t know much painting skills, just paint in my own way. Somehow, I love finding some new unique and creative bloggers, such as “Under Wonderland” which is written by a girl from Taiwan. Although her blog is not very famous, every time I read her pictures and articles, I find emotional resonance. They are really inspiring. Also, I take Hong Kong as my inspiration and motivation. Hong Kong is an advanced city surrounded by high buildings. At the same time, there are still trams and legacies from the Second World War. I am very addicted to this mixture of Eastern and Western culture.




P.s  I didn’t paint anything about nature & culture before, so I can only share my old paintings randomly …