“Our increasing demand for natural resources and polluting habits are ratcheting up the pressure on ecosystems all over the world”. We are ratchet! We walk around and act like we own the place when really we are these degenerates who do nothing of value for the earth.
The earth itself is four times point five times older than humanity but deals with our abuse like a proper older sibling, you know it has been really good to us. Only humanity is growing six times as faster than earth. Earth is beyond its carrying capacity. We are now experiencing a new earth: different geologically, different as a population and unrecognizable from the 1900’s.
This new geological epoch is called Anthropocene *writes on board new-man* (also known as the human age.)
What this means is within one lifetime earth has transformed into a complete city landscape because well, after World War II the population doubled and new technologies flooded the economy.
Fast-forward to current day our population is seven times that.
So, in the last 60 years Earth has gone from being a planet with cities to planet Metropolis. By 2025 70% of all people will live in cities. Previously cities need to be near water and fertile land but with global distribution networks cities can go anywhere.

Meanwhile this planet we live on is growing hotter, stormier and less diverse. Urban dwellers are the ones to blame; we consume two thirds of the earth’s total energy creating 70% of all admissions.

So it is necessary to recognize we are entering an era we know nothing about. We don’t even know when exactly this era started? Soil samples show radiation so it could be the atomic era. Soil samples also show it could the invention of agriculture’s but so far sciences only accepts Athroposcene as just a word. Andrew Revkin said “it’s significant the issue is being debated at all, we’re the first species that’s become a planet-scale influence and is aware of that reality. That’s what distinguishes us”

Earth dealt with many other species like dinosaurs for even longer no other has changed earths make up so rapidly.
We need to actually take responsibility for climate change veering its ugly head
Even if the apocalypse happened tomorrow humans would define a Millenia of Earth’s history but earth is at it’s tipping point because it’s beyond the carrying capacity which means from this point forward the depletion of it’s resources can never be fully recovered.
We’re experiencing what’s called feedback Loop; small changes which, make future changes more likely

A vicious cycle of these feedback loops is a tipping point for example carbon deep in polar soils is a feedback loop when released into the atmosphere
The carbon depleting the top layer of the ozone now that is a tipping point
The very first of these feedback loops was back during the Industrial Revolution fortunately we have been able to recover our air-quality but pollution never stopped.
Our new reality is this Anthropocene and we have to accept that. So we can keep the world that we have today.
Back in 92′ team of scientists named nine interconnected boundaries humans should have; ozone depletion, climate change, biodiversity loss and, nutrient depletion. Fortunately we’ve crossed less than half these tipping points. Earth will never be what it was for the dinosaurs but it doesn’t have to get worse.