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  1. The artist I am presenting is Dean Melbourne.

    Dean Melbourne was born in Wordsley, which is located in the UK in 1967 and graduated with a BA in fine painting at the university of Wolverhampton in 1999. And he currently lives and works in the west midlands in the UK. His art career bloosmed around 2010 and has been working as a painter since.

    He has a wide variety of different works in which he explores different techniques, some in which include figurative painting, drawings/ sketches and relief print. (Explain works)

    Dean has described his paintings to be dark; he often portrays intense moments, the majority of his paintings are most often illustrated in melodramatic and theatrical environments. He is often fascinated by the darker aspects of nature and human nature he states that nature is an important ingredient in his works and that his landscapes symbolize human life form. The majority of Dean’s works portray these themes and beliefs through narrative (a lot of his works have a story behind them weather it’s a place he visited as a child or an event in his life or just a made of up story
    WE ARE DARK- is one of his more recent pieces it was made in 2013/ and is oil on canvas.

    He compares his work to the romanticism because they also capture the darker, gloomy and eerier settings and the sense of undefined longing. (Comparison of dean and romanticism, How they are similar) His major and key influences are Blake, Palmer, Sutherland, piper and the sketches of constable. As an artist Dean can relate to their sense of heritage and belonging to a contextual place illustrated in their works. (Show and explain there works)

    Dean says that his work reflects “ feelings of alien from contemporary life with an immersion in the self and the mysterious forces of nature and God.”

    During the process of creating he often looks through an extensive selection of imagery from his collection of National Geographic, circa. 1970. He takes these images and tears them away from their original source, and cross breeds them with pornographic and clothing catalogs etc.

    Refer to slid 20-23 the first two are the fall of the majestic Elk 1 and 2 and the second image is entitled Farm, All images combined nature and culture into one, with the elaborate door way mixed with the darkness and gloomy layer of nature (**explain others)

    Quote: “ I can be inspired as much by Neo classical sculpture in the garden as by an image in retro adult film magazine or a horror movie still.” Dean is very diverse when it comes to his themes he doesn’t just stick to one idea or thought as his inspiration he is constantly searching through varies sources to find inspirations for his next piece,

    His artwork is a combination of traditional and non-traditional approaches. In his studio he works in low light, and works with bold colors and bold brush strokes creating a unique style of painting and breaks the rules of a traditional color pallet. His color theory is quite simple if that particular color doesn’t do anything satisfying he will simply disguard it and cover it up and move on to another color. He prefers to work on large canvas so he has enough room to lie out and add on new ideas. He works from one end of the canvas to the other, adding on new ideas. He describes his paintings to be a mix between instinctive handling against deliberate and decisive action.

    Dean’s body of works has been showed cased twice at the royal academy for the summer exhibition, but most recently dean presented his art in a solo show at the royal west England academy.
    My of my personal favourite pieces by Dean is entitled Alluring Anxiety from 2010. This is one of the first pieces of works i viewed by him and what attracted me most to his work was his use of colour and themes especially in this particular work.

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