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Matthew Ritchie Presentation Notes

Santiago Pozo
Notes Presentation

Matthew Ritchie

English artist born in London in 1964 and currently resides in New York.

This artist attended to Camberwell School of art in London where there he received a BFA.

He attempts to make a representation of the entire universe and the structures of knowledge and belief in a visual aspect.

Ritchie’s artwork tries to describe the universe’s formation as well as the challenges and limits of human consciousness to comprehend its massiveness

He says: “Instead of saying close your eyes and enjoying the ride, OPEN your eyes and enjoy the ride because is a lot more interesting if you are thinking and questioning if you don’t know what it is”

He likes to leave his audience asking themselves questions about his artwork means.

Most of the time he invites people, to help him with his artwork.

Works in Large scale.

Average of a work: 270 feet long.

Universal Cell: represents how we are trapped in a jail, which is life.

“Monstrance.” By Matthew Ritchie. This exhibition included paintings, drawings, sculpture, a site-specific multi-media installation and a performance.
November 2, 2011-January 14 2012

More about flatness than sculpture because he is really interested in sustaining the drawing.

Pictures all our perceptions we have through sculptures.

This artist has a project called the Ritchies encyclopedic project (not done) is where he includes allusions of: Judeo-Christian religion, occult practices, Gnostic traditions, and scientific elements and principles

Works on paper, prints, light-box drawings, floor-to-wall installations, freestanding sculpture, websites, and short stories.

He scans his drawings into the computer so that images can be enlarged, taken apart, made smaller or three-dimensional, reshaped, transformed into digital games, or given to someone else to execute.

He includes sound in some exhibitions because of his interest on how do we see the world, and how we filter sound, noise and light. He states that everything is the same for 3 months old baby, confusing information. And while we grow we start to start filtering stuff out. He asks if it’s possible to listen to entirely everything. Listen everything a little bit more loudly.

Turning traditional complex ideas of the creation of the universe into games.

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