Common Fate & Figure Ground Relationships: Jane, Joshephine, Minjee, Reid

by. Jane, Josephine, Minjee, Reid

Common Fate

It is one of the principles referred to as Gestalt principles of perception. It groups the elements that move in same direction. It is perceived to be more related than the elements that move in different direction. The elements are grouped by their common motion and direction. Their relatedness is strongest when the elements move at the same time and velocity. The relatedness is lacking when any of these factors vary. Common fate relationships influence whether elements are seens as figure of ground elements. The moving objects are perceived as figure elements and stationary ones as ground elements. Common fate is a grouping strategy. Related elements should have same factors such as time, velocity, frequency, intensity and direction.

Figure-Ground Relationship

The figure ground relationship is also referred to as Gestalt principles of perception. The human perceptual system seperates stimuli into either figure or ground elements. Figure elements are the objects of focus, and ground elements are the background. The relationship between these two are stable when the composition of figure and ground are clear.  The figure object will gain more focus and stands out from its background. To get rid of confusion of the viewers, clearly differentiating the elements between figure and ground is crucial.

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