Project One: Deconstruct an Interaction

Click here to download Project One: Deconstruct an Interaction.

Below is the list of common interactions between people and their environment that we brainstormed in class.

Gettting on the subway
Watching television
Turning on a tap
Brushing teeth
Climbing stairs
Accessing a website
Cooking a turkey
Signing out a book from the library
Being woken up by an alarm clock
Putting on glasses
Tying a tie
Grocery shopping
Digital painting
Locking a door
Eating food
Reading a book
Reading a e-book
Flushing the toilet
Putting on shoes
Applying lip balm
Listening to music
Making coffee
Baking a cake
Buying a drink
Riding an elevator

This is not an exhaustive list. You’ll be spending four weeks on this Project: select an interaction that is compelling to your group.

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