Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Uniform Connectedness: Josef, Debbie, Sara, Ainura

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

  • Refers to the ratio of relevant, important information to irrelevant distractions or ‘background noise’
  • A higher signal-to noise ratio is preferable, as it conveys maximum relevant information with minimal distraction
  • Signal can be improved through clear writing, appropriate use of correct graphs and images and keeping the design as simple as possible to give the audience less to focus on
  • Noise can be reduced by eliminating all unnecessary features and simplifying necessary ones as much as possible without affecting performance

Uniform Connectedness

  • Refers to elements connected by visual methods tending to be viewed as closely related or grouped
  • Common methods include enclosing elements within a  perimeter, or directly connecting them with lines
  • Is one of the most powerful principles and usually overrides any others it conflicts with
  • Often used to group controls or text sections together. Can also be used to easily improve poor design layouts

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