Min Jee- Toy Observation [Exercise Six]


The toy I brought to class is a stackable photo frame set shaped as bigger version of lego bricks. This photo frame can hold a single 4 cm by 5 cm photograph. The bright and happy colours make the photo frames more appealing and the fact that the frames are shaped as lego bricks make us reminisce about our childhood memories when I used to play with lego bricks. The more fascinating fact about the box is that it can also be used as a little storage box as the top part of the lid comes off. Just like ordinary lego bricks, these photo frame lego bricks can be stacked together and in different ways. Since lego bricks can be stacked however the owner wants it to stack, the arrangement of the photo frames and designs can be personalized.

Students come and pick up the lego bricks and stick them together to each brick or separate them apart. Initially they do not realize that the lego bricks are actually photo frame boxes, but after they play with the brickes and observing them more carefully, they soon realize that “oh – there’s a picture inside”.
This toy is not too engaging to play with for a long period of time, but it is appealing due to aesthetic reasons. Students looked at this toy for a couple of minutes, but not for too long. As mentioned before, the appealing factor is that the owner of the lego brick photo frame set has the latitude to personlize the arrangment of the photo frame set.

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