Ainura Nifdalieva- Exercise 5

Love: Blow Dryer.

I totally love my blow dryer!!! I have it almost for 2 years and it hasn’t  disappointed me yet. I used to buy a new one almost every half a year before. But not only a quality, but also affordance is great since it corresponds with its intended function! The handle in a curve shape allows to carry it easily and tightly. The joint section between blow dryer’s body and cable is covered with additional wide short cable which prevents the thin long cable from entanglement and electric locking. Also, the special narrow cap distributes warm air evenly.In addition, my blow dryer contains  physical and psychological constraints. Because it has only 2 paths (physical constraints) , the interaction with the blow dryer is not confusing and complicated at all.The conventions (psychological constraints)  are easy to read and apply; the convex symbols allows to regulate the necessary temperature without looking at the conventions on the keys.

Hate: Drill  

I hate using my drill!!! It is very hard to interact with  because its affordance same as constraints are poorly organized. The button/key at the top,which is responsible for changing the speed of  the drill doesn’t move smoothly.The  hardest action is to change  screws because a lack of the constraints makes a user wonder which way to pull/turn/push the drill in order to achieve expected results.Finally, there is no any visible signal which would alert the user that drill’s battery is low and it’s time to charge it.

2 Responses to “Ainura Nifdalieva- Exercise 5”

  1.   jjackson Says:

    You and Reid should get together and compare drills. He loves what you hate. Curious.

  2.   Ainura Says:

    I guess males and females look at things from different perspective. Also, I was trying to pay more attention on interaction with an object while one is working with it , rather than on if it’s easy to clean it or to fix ))

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