An Object Anna Likes, An Object Anna Hates

An item that I own and love is my Anna Sui wallet. Unlike my previous one, this wallet is much thinner and generally has a nicer aesthetic appeal to it.

Although sleeker in appearance, the Anna Sui does not disappoint in providing enough pockets for all my important cards, cash, etc. – a fantastic method for organization. Also, the fact that the wallet does not bend to close, means my dollar bills will thankfully stay flat – I hate awkwardly folded bills.

As well, I find that the way the inside is mapped out is ideal. Looking into the wallet’s interior, there are a set of four card-holders on both ends, optimizing the amount of cards one can hold. The pocket dividers next to those also have one clear card-holder (on each side) for more important items, like I.D.’s and driver’s licenses. And in the centre, the change pocket is clearly defined. I found that this symmetry within the wallet was a useful tool in figuring how to best organize my things.

The main flaw I find when using the Anna Sui, is trying to remove my cards as needed, from the cardholder. Due to the close proximity the slots have to the walls of the wallet, it can be quite tricky to retrieve a specific card without struggling.

An object that I hate is the Radioshack Colour-Changing Weather Forecaster that my brother owns. It is meant to act as an alarm clock as well as a weather forecaster, but there are a number of problems with the product – all of which make me want to throw it out a window.

It is important to note that our bedrooms are directly beside each other, so I can essentially hear what goes on in my brother’s room. This is problematic when the alarm goes off since we both have a separate sleep schedule. Unfortunately, the alarm clock will not only wake my brother, but me too. The sound the alarm makes can be easily compared to a ticking time-bomb sound effect heard in movies. The audible feedback is seriously disorienting and irritating, especially at 6am.

As well, I find that its shape is somewhat misleading. Other than the flat bottom, the product is largely spherical; this makes one assume that buttons can be found on the bottom of the item – if there are any. However, the product designer placed two buttons on the surface behind the display screen that do not aid in the visual feedback. One of them is actually used to turn off the ticking time-bomb alarm, and I continuously struggle for minutes on days the racket doesn’t wake my brother. I think that visibility plays a significant part with this issue, however, the problem also lies in the fact that the designer essentially removed the tactile aspect of the clock. The buttons are placed at the same level as the rest of the curving clock so you can’t tell where the clock surface ends and where the hidden buttons begin. I can’t even begin to explain how infuriating this is.

But the problems don’t stop there; I also came to notice that the item completely fails as a weather forecaster. It is meant to change colours that correspond with the weather, but almost everyday, it’s entirely wrong. On rainy days, it claims it is sunny; on a cloudy afternoon, it says that it is snowing . This is an entirely unreliable feature and frankly, I believe it to be a useless addition to the product. However, the colours are pretty and make a cool effect at night when all other lights are off.

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  1.   jjackson Says:

    Lots of terminology, but a lot of it is used incorrectly. . . please review the “Basics” presentation.

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