An Object Heejae Loves, An Object Heejae Hates

An object that I absolutely *love* is my 15-inch MacBook Pro. This is my first laptop in my life and got this last summer to prepare for university because I thought I would need a laptop to work on. (This is how my desktop looks like right now :D)

(Not only this one, but all laptops have limited affordances depending on the age groups of users.) To me, Mac has high affordances, and one of the reason is the keyboard. The depth of each button and space among them are very suitable for me as they are personalized for me. I couldn’t find any keyboards that fit me this well because my hands are small. This makes me keep typing and I don’t feel tired of typing at all.

Also the trackpad is very lovely because it has less physical constraint than other laptops; in other words, it allows more space to move around the arrow and to click anywhere I want to on the trackpad. With other laptops with regular trackpads, I had to use at least to fingers to move around the arrow and click something fast since there was a button to click something. However, for this one, the pad itself is the button. Mapping is very well done based on human behavior because the trackpad corresponds to my expectation like moving my finger on it making the arrow to move to right. Also it gives audible feedback when I click it; therefore, I know whether I’m actually clicking and dragging.

However, one thing that makes it difficult to use for some people is the lack of visibility about how-to-use trackpad or shortcuts on the keyboard. It doesn’t clearly indicate what they do for all different inputs before I take time experiencing them.

But other than that, I love everything about my MacBook Pro because its simple design and elegance.

An object that I *hate* is my lighter that I use everyday to lit up my candles. This type of lighters have a high physical contraint and are extremely hard to lit up for me because my thumb is not fast enough to turn the wheel thing on the top. That has to turn fast enough so that it creates the spark. Also they doesn’t have any visible instructions or images on themselves which make first-time users ask to others how to use these lighters–I didn’t know how to use it until I learned from my friend.

These have a poor affordance as well because it doesn’t have any features that make me want to grab this often. I use them because I need to; the don’t attract people to grab them just because they are physically affordable.

Also these don’t have any mappings involved since I would not associate turning the wheel with fire sparks if I did not have these lighters. Therefore, I can’t lit them up based on my behaviors. They don’t have any meanings written on the surface that they lit up, and I need to press the black part down so the fire lit up.

I just don’t like these lighters, but they are the cheapest, so I guess I will keep complaining every time I used them.

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