An object Jane likes, An object Jane hates

by Igyeong (Jane) Kim


An object i like is Hype Hair® Ceramic Instant Ultra-Hot Straightener, model number CS25HCS. I have had a lot of hair straighteners in my life, but this works best with my hard-to-straighten hair. A lot of people own a hair straightener at home. In terms of affordance, even for someone who are not familiar with hair straighteners can easily assume to hold it in their hands and squeeze the handle to make each sides come together. When it is on, the heat coming out from the surface of the heater warns the users that it is hot. Instead of using a hair dryer, this allows me to straighten my hair more easily without an annoying sound. When each sides of the heated irons clicks together with my hair in between, the hair is straightened. Just like brushing a hair, from top to bottom, it brushes down the hair while straightening it.

There was no physical constraint. Perhaps its limitation in how far I can walk around when it is plugged in could be the problem. Except for a washroom, sometimes the cord plug ins are not attached closely to the mirror, this gives the users hard time. The straighteners need to be used in the presence of the mirrors, or else the users can get an unexpected outcome.

The visible feedback of the on/off buttons and the temperature settings of the heat controls helps the users to easily use the straightener without reading the directions. It is also simply mapped out, similar to other hair straighteners. Some hair straighteners’ cord lines get tangled after curling my hair, but this allows 360 degree rotation. The temperature setting is hidden between each sides, making it look clean.


An object I hate is Shark® Cordless Pet Perfect™ II Hand Vac. This hand-held vacuum allows the user to easily carry it around the room. When not in use, it sits on the charging board. At first, I was impressed with how it is mapped. It is cordless and small. Everything it sucks in shows through the head of the vacuum, giving the user sense in how much they’ve used it and when to change the filter. Its affordance is clear to the users. The handle of the grip is evenly spaced out and the filter can be easily detached. However, because it is small, I have to filter the vacuum every now and then. Because it is designed to be an easy-to-carry vacuum, this flaw is expected to the users, but still it bothers us a lot. This physical constraint is critical.

When the battery is low, the sound of the vacuum is different than when it is charged somewhat. The sound will become weaker and the power of the vacuum will eventually get weaker also. This audible feedback gives the user an idea that it is useless to use it, so just waiting it to be fully charged is better. I didn’t want to wait for it to be charged and kept using it, but it didn’t suck in any wastes at all. It was better to just give up in the beginning.

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