An Object Jessica Loves, An Object Jessica Hates

I like: My Cast Iron Teapot

Being a lover of loose- left tea, one household item that I like is my cast iron teapot. This teapot affords boiling water for both loose- leaf and bagged tea. Like mine, most cast iron teapots now come with a stainless steel mesh infuser that is inserted into the boiling water just enough so the leaves sit overtop of the water but don’t sink into your tea.

Since the teapot comes with the mesh infuser, someone who drinks loose- leaf tea would understand that it could be used as well as not. Another good aspect is that the cast iron is covered in black enamel on the inside in order to prevent it from rusting and allowing it to last for a long time.

A psychological constraint that could occur with my cast iron teapot is that there is no indication that the lid shouldn’t be touched after the teapot has been on the stove. Some steel or ceramic teapots indicate a change in material with the lid, like a heavy plastic, that allows the person to touch it when the teapot is hot. However, with the cast iron teapot, the heat travels evenly throughout it, including the lid, which could cause a slight shock or burn.

I hate: My Central Vacuum System

An object that I absolutely hate using in my house is our central vacuum. My parents seem to think it’s the greatest thing but I long for one that is more convenient and is easy to move around the house.

The physical constraints involved in using this vacuum are enormous. Not only does it not allow you to reach certain areas of the house due to the lack of hose length and wall vents, but the hose is constantly tangled and is difficult to store. Also, the large, rectangular, steel base that attaches onto the end of the hose (used to sweep while sucking up the dust) is much too big to fit under certain furniture.

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