An Object Josef Loves, An Object Josef Hates

An Object Josef Loves

An object I love is my wireless XBOX 360 controller. I recently acquired it when I bought the game platform it goes with. The controls present on the object are; two thumbsticks, a crosspad, four letter buttons, left and right shoulder and trigger buttons and three center control buttons. The affordances of this object are both effective and clear; the ergonomic shape of the controller instantly tells the user how to hold it and immediately settles into a comfortable position. The designed grip places the user’s fingers in the ideal locations to utilize the controls; the thumbs are poised over the thumbsticks and letter buttons and the index fingers rest on the shoulder and trigger buttons. The important buttons on the controller are labeled to provide visual feedback on their functions. In addition, the controller contains an internal vibrating mechanism, which can provide tactile feedback when one is playing a game on the platform.

An Object Josef Hates

An object that I well and truly hate is my old SHARP television set. The screen is less than 12 inches wide and extremely low resolution, impeding clear visual feedback from the object. The affordances of the TV are no better. The TV does not come with a remote control and the control buttons are located at the very bottom of the set, crammed right below the screen. A combination of the buttons’ small size, their identical color to the main shell and the visual distraction of the screen above them create a visual constraint against me easily locating and using them. In addition, the miniscule labels for the buttons are located immediately below them, making them impossible to see unless the buttons are almost at eye level

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