An Object Katie Loves, An Object Katie Hates

An object I love is my electric kettle. It’s probably the most used appliance in my kitchen. I use it a fair bit as I tend to drink 4-5 cups of hot beverages per day as well as using it for other meals on a regular basis. It’s affordances add to it’s ease of use. Its designed so that it’s comfortable for the average person to hold onto and pour. It’s evenly weighted so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall in the object you’re pouring the water into. The visibility is clear and is pretty direct when attempting to put to use. The opening mechanism for the lid is easily identifiable and simple to open; theres a wide opening for pouring water into the kettle; the spout is efficient and makes no mess when pouring; and the tab on the back of the kettle which initiates the starting of the boiling is very clear and visible. The rate at which it actually boils water is very efficient which is a thumbs up. Although this kettle is simply designed and easy to use, there is a certain constraint worth pointing out. A physical contraint would have to be that you cannot remove the kettle from it’s cord while filling it up with water, you have to take the kettle along with the cord and hope that you do not get the plug wet while putting water in the kettle. This could pose problems if one is careless. Other than that, it performs as well as a $25 kettle should!

An object I hate is my Brita water filter. It’s affordances? It filters the water. The physical constraints are much more apparent. First of all, to take the cover off to fill the container with water is a battle in itself. You have to try to literally dig your fingernails (if you have any) underneath the rim of the lid and pry the cover off as best you can. Second, the filtering area itself holds a minimal amount of water. You have to fill the filtering area and wait for that to filter into the filtered area and fill the filtering area again and repeat until you have a decent amount of filtered water just to enjoy a simple glass of it. Third, the weight of the object is so poorly distributed that most often I have to use both of my hands to pour a glass of water so that it doesn’t crash onto the glass. Not to mention the handle being very uncomfortable. Brita has since come out with a few other (hopefully higher functioning) models of water filters.

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