An object Reid loves and an object Reid hates.

I hate this computer. My “family’s” computer, the one we all use has not been a “normal” or up-to-date version since I was eleven years old. Since then, our family computer has been a combination of hand-me-downs from my father’s office. Once our last hand-me-down PC finally died my dad decided to purchase an Apple computer/Mac. He decided to get a Mac computer but not a whole one just this little disk man size version (Mac Mini). The Mac portion of the computer isn’t that bad but we didn’t get any other Mac hardware so the quick keys and short cut keys don’t work. For example when copying and pasting this is problematic as the user must use the top menu bar or attempt to drag the information. This combination of a keyboard/computer therefore does not afford its intended function, to make information quickly accessible through the use of shortcuts, specialized buttons etc. This problem with the keyboard functions is also a constraint in the use of the computer as it limits the amount of actions that can be performed as some of the keys found on Mac keyboards not only do not work on the non-Mac keyboard but also some don’t even exist. Also the way in which the (non-Mac) monitor is lit is horrible as it puts out this weird glare that hurts my eyes. Because the effects I expect from this computer (like being able to use keyboard shortcuts) are not fulfilled I feel the mapping of this combined Mac/Pc desktop computer is very poor. I am already someone who doesn’t like computers very much but having to use this and share it with my parents really makes me hate them its part of why all my blog posts are always late.

Something I love is my Dewalt drill I bought this six years ago when I started my carpentry apprenticeship. At that time there weren’t really any other drills to compare it to, it was the best. It has regular drill settings and a hammer drill setting, it also has three different gear ratios for screwing and drilling. Everyone told me it was a waste to buy such an expensive drill because on a job site it will get broken or lost and that batteries don’t last more then two years.  The batteries ended up lasting five years and the only problem I had was the trigger broke after four years and it took me all of ten minutes to take the drill apart and fix it myself. That’s something else I love about it is how easy it is to service when cleaning it or when it needs repair. Overall the drill was designed well, and affords its intended function, to work as a drill. The constraints of the drill are primarily physical, the battery life and what I experienced with the trigger, both of which were not seen as particularly “constraining” and were expected after the years of use.  This object is mapped well, when it is expected to work, it does, and it reacts to the commands (trigger commands) as it would be expected to (drilling and reverse etc).

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  1.   jjackson Says:

    Your use of the term “mapping” is imprecise at best. You need to be more specific.

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