Deconstruct a Toy – Anna

The item is a well-known puzzle toy – the rubik’s cube. It is a cube composed of six coloured sides, each divided into 9 smaller squares. The person playing with the toy can shift these smaller squares in a number of ways. The aim is to get all of the same colours together on one side.

Observations: the person playing with the toy seemed intrigued at first. He picked it up and turned it around in his hand for a bit. After a moment of analyzing the colours and the sides, the person began turning the different squares in different directions, experimenting with the possible ways the task could be accomplished. The person already seemed to be aware of what the intention of the toy was – to get all the colours grouped together. The person’s expression was very focused and determined. He said “hmm” a lot and kept asking “how do I get this colour over here?”. Eventually, he put down the toy in some frustration and stated that he didn’t know what to do.

Thoughts: I found it a little amusing to see the subject getting angry that the toy wasn’t working the way he imagined. It seemed that as soon as he started figuring it out, something else stumped him. I liked that it kept him occupied for a while and that he was intrigued by it, but I understand that it is not an easy toy to solve.

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