Ex6: Deconstruct a Toy: Field Observation – Tanya Ilina

Description: plastic mechanical toy – Thumbelina in the flower

Observation: The person picked up the toy, turned it in hands mumbling meanwhile that there was suppose to be some kind of interesting mechanism in it.  After finding a comfortable position to hold the toy in hand he pushed the bar with another hand triggering the mechanism which opened the flower and revealed the Thumbelina inside. The person was surprised and excited; he released the bar and the flower shut. The person repeated the operations of opening and closing several times trying to figure out how the toy worked and paying no attention to the girl inside. After several minutes of scrutiny the person put the toy back on the shelf and said: “It’s an interesting toy I wish you’d allow me to take it apart”.

Thoughts: This toy is interesting and exciting at least for the first few minutes, mostly because it has a secret. As soon as the person discovers the secret the toy becomes less interesting, but it leaves the person who played with a good impression. The toy would be more interesting and exciting to the person who at least knows the story of Thumbelina and the story of this particular kind of toy. For those who have it, it is also a piece of nostalgia from Soviet Union childhood.

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