Exercise 5 Love/Hate – Tanya Ilina


Magnetic Glass Surface Aquarium Cleaner

I absolutely love my magnetic glass cleaner. It is a great tool for aquarium keepers. For those who are not familiar with aquarium keeping, any aquarium needs to be cleaned at least once a day from the green algae which grows on the inner surface of the aquarium glass. It was a very long and dreadful procedure since I’ve been using a scraper.

But the magnetic cleaner offers a better affordance for cleaning glass surface in terms of effectiveness and easiness.

First of all, I do not need to put my hands inside the tank, and that affords easy manipulations with the tool. The tool can clean at any depth since it is controlled from outside, and you are not constrained by the length of the tool handle or the length of your arm. The shape and the textured surface of the handle provide a comfortable grip and give a tactile sense of a better position of a hand.

You cannot confuse which part should go inside the tank and which should be outside; the handle is well recognized. There is, however, one more clue to this point: a part with a handle has a velvet fabric on the inner part which is no use in cleaning algae and would be a very weird choice of material which should perform in aqua medium. Whereas a part which goes inside the tank has a plastic coarse texture which consists of tiny hooks; they do a great job in cleaning the algae.

The inner block of the cleaner dose not scratch the surface of the glass since it is made of a soft plastic. Scratching was quite often with the scraper since it had a metal blade for cleaning. The magnetic cleaner is also safer for life stock and the inhabitants since it has no sharp edges.

I’m also happy with the cleaner in terms of visibility because I can see everything I’m doing. I can see where the glass is cleaned and where it is not; I can manipulate the cleaner with more confidence. Whereas when I am cleaning with the scraper, I usually look from above and cannot really say if the glass is clean and how far is the scraper from the rock or the coral.

In the end, another great feature of this tool is that the part which is inside the tank will come to the surface of the water if you take the handle away from the glass. But I usually keep the cleaner in the tank so it is always at hand.


LG Dishwasher

The object that I hate is an LG dishwasher. It looks really clean and crisp especially in our kitchen where all the cabinets are white so it adds more cleanness to it.

Flaws in the principles of visibility are the most obvious. One can never guess what is going on inside; it is even a problem to tell if the device is on. How long will it take to finish? Has it finished yet?  This dishwasher is also extraordinary silent which is good, but if you do not have any other signs to determine if the machine is on or off that is also a disadvantage. The only way to check its status is to open it. It is not very pleasant when the dishwasher goes through the drying stage and all the steam goes into your face the moment you open it. In this case physical constrains could be a good addition to the design.

The dishwasher has an audio feedback as it finishes its dirty job. The sound, however, is very hard to hear and very similar to the sound that our cook top has for the timer settings. So at first I was rushing to the cook top to check if there was some food that needed to be removed from the burner. It took me a while to figure out where the sound came from.

There are some issues with mapping as well. I’m still more attracted to the LG logo on the left as I am used to reading from left to right. I presumably read it as the first button I should press. Moreover, it looks more like an ON button in comparison with the actual ON button on the far right which does not attract too much attention. I found the ON button after reading all the buttons from left to right and trying to press them without result. The most used buttons from this panel are 6 buttons (see the picture) on the left and the ON button; it would be more convenient if they were closer together.

Above all, the dishwasher does a great job washing dishes (its primary function) and I appreciate the silence during this process as my bedroom is right next to the kitchen.

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