Exercise 6 – Queenie Chan

Sudoku Handheld

Description: A handheld device meant to be used with two hands, much like a mainstream handheld gaming system (ex. NDS, PSP). It has a 9×9 grid and various buttons of different functions meant for solving sudoku puzzles. Generally, the time it takes to solve a sudoku puzzle ranges from ten minutes to an hour, depending on the user and on the difficulty of the puzzle.

During the class, very few people picked up the handheld to play. Some users mentioned that it was too difficult, and the few people who picked up the handheld did not finish any puzzles. Some did not know the rules or otherwise showed little interest. One person said that it would be good for use on subway rides and such, seeing how sudoku puzzles can be time-consuming and thus help pass the time when the user “had nothing better to do”.

Thoughts: There was less interest in this toy than I thought there would be, the reason probably being that environment and circumstance change how appealing a toy may be. In situations where the user has an extended period of time to burn, the sudoku puzzle becomes much more appealing. The toy’s appeal is limited by its difficulty and time-consuming nature, though I think it is still a good brain exercise.

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