Exercise5: Objects that I love and hate.

The object that I LOVE,

iPhone 4

This is my first product from Apple and I’ve realized why people obsess over this phone so much. The size and shape afford perfectly to fit and comfortably hold it in one hand. For constraints, there are both physical and phycological constraints. Apple uses these limits clearly to eliminate errors that might occur during the interaction of their products. There are physical paths on the phone that users know how to control it right away. I think it is really smart of them, because they’ve actually made these physical pathes, also phycological. Because of their universal design, we receive these buttons as signs, conventions, and mapping. (ex. the button on the bottom centre does what and what..) Mostly, I love iPhone because of its great mapping design. We don’t need any instruction manuel for this phone. Just with my finger tips, I can press either of the buttons on the front or on top to start the phone. Then I can swipe to turn pages and press applications. Its all very intuitive so no one hardly gets this interaction wrong or confusing.

The object that I HATE,

WordPress Blogs

I know it is not an object, but I hate this blog very much. The mapping, as in buttons (links?), is very chaotic. the arrangements of these buttons are horrible. First of all, I  expected to see a “post”  button somewhere in our class blog, but I had to go all the way back to my OCAD email and click the link that got sent in the beginning of  semester and log  back in and then write this post. Second, the “add new post” page is really confusing. There are no hierarchy. When I was uploading a photo, I couldn’t find the right button for minutes. And then I find these little “grey texts” above all the”colourful” square buttons grouped together in the bottom, which it got all my attention. Also the photo does not show right away in this text box. There is another step, you have to press the “Insert into post” button. It does not catch any attention, and just sits there in a irrelevant  place with tiny texts mixed with all of the other “text” informations.  If there were phycological constraints in this interactions, it would have been a more pleasant experience, but there aren’t any. I  am a very visual person. And for most humans, it is way easier and faster to perceive in graphic or visual signs and symbols than texts and words. This overall website is horrible with visuality. When I am surfing trough OCAD WordPress blog, nothing really stands  out. they are all in texts and its can get really boring and tiring to read all these information.

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  1.   jjackson Says:

    All good points about WordPress and its implementation at OCAD. We could do better.

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