Josef Scholbeck Project 2

An arm-worn ball throw assist

Rearrangeable geometric block shapes

Snap-together building blocks

Three-pronged grabbing claw

Foam ball shooting crossbow

Magnetic building pyramids

Three Final Ideas

Magnetic Interlocking Blocks

Interlocking Cube Blocks

Tri-Bladed Grabber Claw

Prototype picture

Final Toy Proposal

(Pictorial Proposal)


Desktop fun. No matter where your desk is.

3 Responses to “Josef Scholbeck Project 2”

  1.   I Gyeong Kim Says:

    I like the idea of Magnetic Interlocking Blocks. Maybe it can be made small to make forms, like Lego.

  2.   Laura Nohemi Herrera Cisneros Says:

    I like the claw grabbing thing. I think it would be extremely useful when student’s need something that is out of our reach when doing a project, etc. How long will the claw be? is this intended for grabbing things or just for play? I think that if its intended for grabbing objects its a great idea! You could make it personizable or somethinglike that too 🙂

  3.   Danijel Losic Says:

    This is very clear and well drawn. Reminds me of drafting and not a conceptual drawing.

    The interlocking cube blocks look very interesting and thought out.
    I have to admit that the magnetic blocks seem overdone and too common.

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