Keight’s thoughts on Toys

My new favourite toy is my HP TC4200, a sweet, convertible tablet pc.

I recently let some people play with my toy, here are some observations I made:

People were very curious about the pc, the idea was new to them (even though the toy is 6 years old) and they were intrigued. The unfrimiliarity caused them to approach it as a new adventure, almost as if they were exploring something.

After some time getting used to the controls and getting a feel for the pen on screen experience, they began exploring different options. In Photoshop, they played with different tools and different brushes to create different effects.

On person lifted the tablet, and explored how it converted into a regular laptop. They commented on the portability and the different uses of the computer. They concluded that it was a lot of fun.

Two people who played with the tablet commented on it’s versatility, that they enjoyed all the different options it gave.

In general, everyone thought it was a new and different idea, and seemed to enjoy themselves while using it.

Inspired by my the fun my toy inspired and by many others, I started brainstorming ideas for  a toy design of my own.

Here are the three I chose to elaborate on.

2 Responses to “Keight’s thoughts on Toys”

  1.   Dayna Bronwyn Griffiths Says:

    I’m most drawn to the idea of a stress toy. The comical factor would really help in relieving stress. Also, the concept has many possibilities, such as becoming a collectable item with a variety of characters.

  2.   Tatiana Ilina Says:

    I like you travel cup (I really need that too:). It allows the person to take notes, write down quick information and doodle in a new unusual way, and that what makes it fun to me. To improve the design of the cup I would probably add a slot for a pen…

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