Laura’s objects

An object I love is my Magic Mouse by Apple. The affordances I found in this mouse was that its very easy and comfortable to my hand to use.

First, the scroll down motion with the mouse can be done by physically doing so with our finger touching the smooth surface rather than a wheel. There is no set spot as to were we can scroll the page; it can be done anywhere in the surface so that makes it extremely accessible to a lot of people.  The mapping of the finger actions is also very well done. One can simply swift their fingers to the left of right as well to go back (left) and to go forward (right) to navigate through internet, images, etc instead of having to move the computer’s arrow to the back button. In this sense it is also extremely accessible because one does not have to have precise hand coordination in order to navigate through the computer. I find that there are no physical constraints since the mouse fits so perfectly in my hand. It would be interesting to see what people with bigger or smaller hands find with this shape.

An object I hate is OCAD’s doors. There are a lot of physical constraints for me since I am not very strong. I often find that I have to put my foot in an opening of the door, then sort of kick it to open a little and pull it very hard to open it. I don’t have this problem going out; just going in. The mapping is good I suppose one pulls the handle because there is a pulling action but I feel that for me these doors should be automatic since most of us usually carry large pieces or assignments in our hands so we cannot use the handles to open the door. The affordance of the automatic door opening is terrible, even though (I think?) there is a ”handicap” button to open the door for the ”handicapped” sometimes I find when I’m carrying a lot of stuff I can’t even press this button and thus I have to get someone else to open the door or drop everything.

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