LOVE, HATE – Josephine Lam

LOVE- Steve Madden Handbag

This is one of the objects in my room that I absolutely love. I have many handbags, but this one is my favorite.

In terms of affordance, the bag is designed to be worn either over the shoulder or hand held. One can easily tell the functions of this bag because of the straps coming out. The shorter straps are iconic signs of a handbag. The longer strap suggests that it should be worn over a longer part of your body- your shoulder. I personally prefer carrying it over my shoulders when the bag is more full. The design of the straps connecting to the rest of the bag is made out of metal, making it hard to rip off from the bag itself.

In terms of physical constraints, the bag is actually very effective for me because it is very spacious- I can wear it when Iā€™m going to school, shopping, or even a night out with my friends. Because it is 15ā€ by 11ā€, it is not designed to hold anything bigger or longer than that. Also, because it is not a backpack, I would avoid putting too much weight in it because the bottom may tear.

The way that the bag is mapped out can be improved by having more dividers or pockets. There is only one main pocket, which makes it hard to look for things in the bag, especially of its height. Organization will improve if there are more pockets or even a single divider because the bag is so big.

The mop is the object that I hate.
Its affordance is quite obvious, one will assume to grab it by the long handle and start cleaning the floor with it. The problem with my mop is that the handle is too skinny, making it hard to grip on to. The things coming out at the bottom of the mop is another physical constraint because they hang so loosely together, which makes it harder to clean all parts of the floor. Something more solid would be better.

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