Melanie’s deconstruction of a toy.

This toy is deemed THE CLIMBER. It is a small remote-controlled car that drives along walls. Unlike most remote-controlled cars this one is able to drive on flat vertical surfaces (ie walls). There is a vacuum fan installed ┬áin the small red car that helps it stick to the wall, and the remote controls it’s movement.

OBSERVATION: Subject at first thought it was only a regular remote control car, until further investigation. When discovered that the car drives on walls, subject was very excited and impressed. They found it fairly easy to use, simply turn it on until you can hear the fan and stick it on the wall. Subject spent several minutes driving the car around on the surface of the wall, avoiding windows, and pictures hung on the wall. After a few minutes subject turned off device, and plastic car fell to the ground.

THOUGHTS: I think this toy is quite impressive and can be enjoyed for longer durations (possibly setting up obstacles on the wall to avoid). However I think it could be improved if the suctions were placed on larger “off-roading” wheels so the vehicle was able to drive over things, through doors from room to room, or be able to climb onto the ceiling and floor.

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