Project Two “Design For Fun” – Tanya Ilina

Final toy proposal

PDF file of my toy proposal

Video clip with pictures of kaleidoscope and users testing it

Prototype of the kaleidoscope

3 Detailed concepts for toys

6 Toy Ideas (Sketches)

6 Responses to “Project Two “Design For Fun” – Tanya Ilina”

  1.   Heejae Choi Says:

    I really like the cat puzzle pieces. They look very interesting and would be very awesome for collectibles.

  2.   Kaitlin MacLean Says:

    I like the idea of the kaleidescope best; I think it’s the one that’s best fitted for OCAD student. It’d be neat interchanging different kinds of pictures (photos, abstract art, old paintings etc).

  3.   I Gyeong Kim Says:

    I like the cat puzzle idea. If there are different kinds of animals that could be put together, like different heads and etc, it would be more interesting to play with.

  4.   Eman Faiz Says:

    I like the kaleidoscope. It seems hard to make but if you can do it then you should. That kind of toy will definitely occupy someone for a couple minutes while they experiment with different combinations and its so trippy and fun to actually use it.

  5.   Ainura Nifdalieva Says:

    I appreciate your all ideas since they all have a great potential. Your kaleidoscope would definitely entertain and inspire art students same as people who aren’t related to art. If you could look around and take a picture of the interesting patterns, textures and objects around and then make slides based on that images, that would be great. I think that will give an opportunity to a user to look at things from a different perspective and/or enjoy the process.

  6.   Tatiana Ilina Says:

    Thank you Guys! I appreciate your responses and suggestions. I considered them all while choosing the idea and working on the toy.

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