Toy Observation: Yo- Yo


The yo- yo is a flat spool with a length of string tied at one end. A yo-yo is played by inserting one finger into the slipknot, letting the spool down and pulling at it so it turns mid- air and come back up and rolls itself into the spool again.

The yo- yo is universally known. It is a unisex toy that can be enjoyed by all age groups. One must initially be taught how to play with a yo- yo but once a person learns, they’re unlikely to forget. Yo- yo’ s come in a number of colours, designs and sizes, which cater to each person and generation.


In my observation, one person mentioned just after first glance that they used to love playing with yo- yo’s; they can be nostalgic for some people. Many people had trouble getting the hang of it at first but, like riding a bike, the motions came to them quickly. Someone was also speaking about its size and how it can easily be stored in a purse or pocket and used when passing time. There seemed to be a bit of satisfaction that came when people were able to successfully play with the yo- yo for a certain amount of time without having the string bounce out of its course.

Jessica Di Biase

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