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The idea for this toy came from the digital game that everybody seems to know, Tetris. The concept was to prepare a hands on approach to building your own 3D Tetris right in front of you. A physical Tetris. There was something intriguing about the color, shape and texture of the blocks – but something was definitly missing, and lacking on the “fun” front. After some discussion, I realized I had taken the “fun” out of Tetris.


The same or similar concept but on a much larger scale and for a much more useful, yet “fun”, purpose. I propose a shelving system made of blocks similar to these, but hollow in order to store things in. Colorful, just as these blocks are. Durable. Lightweight. Stackable. Re-arrangeable. Easy to use, lift, and/or move.

Basically, it’s a fun way to shelve your belongings and to be able to easily change up the formation of the blocks whenever you feel it to be necessary.

2 Responses to “Toy Sketches – Katie Fraser”

  1.   Anna Golinski Says:

    I think the belt is a cool idea, but I’m really liking the versatility of the goggles. It seems like a fun way to change up your look everyday, but maybe make it more contemporary in style? Perhaps you could have a set that alters the different style/shape of the lenses?

  2.   Eman Faiz Says:

    I like the cube idea. I think it would be fun and challenging to fit the pieces together. You could either make it really simple or really hard. If you can pull off making it challenging to figure how to put it together, I think it would be really successful toy.

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