Introduction: Andrew Walker

Top o’ th’ Mornin’ to Ye

I’m Andrew Michel Walker. All parts of my name consist of six letters and the second to last letter in each of them is “e.” Isn’t that exciting!? (Well, technically my middle name isĀ Michael but I choose to spell it the French way because shut up.) Please call me Andrew, and not Andy or Drew or something. Though I don’t mind being called Your Excellency.


I’m in the Illustration program, and I’m liking it so far. I graduated from Etobicoke School of the Arts in 2009, and after my victory lap I promptly arrived here. I have an avid interest in movie music, and vintage video gaming. You may come to realize during our time together that I’m also a tremendous science geek. My graduating class voted me most likely to “become an eccentric self made millionaire and live in a mansion made of glass beakers and test-tubes.” I don’t think they were far off the mark.

In ten years I will be 30 years old. Firstly I hope to still be alive. I also hope by then that I will have already published at least one successful graphic novel telling my own original story, the first of many. I will live in a gorgeous seaside cottage and have romantic candlelit dinners with my own reflection.

I’m more comfortable with technology than most people. By which I mean I’m more comfortable with technology than I’m comfortable with most people.

So here’s to the future good times here in GDES 1B26 – 19!