Introduction: Carrie Harden

Carrie-Anne Marie Harden (preferably just Carrie but whatever floats your boat)

Graphic Design is my choice of major, though I’m still uncertain I’ve learned exactly what Graphic Design is. Two years ago, I knew I wanted to go to school, and I knew I loved learning about and creating art. I didn’t want to limit myself to only the art side, so I decided to go into something with a broader horizon that I thought pretty much combined both the art and design programs.

In 10 years, I could not possibly tell you where I will be. I’ve always been the type to make impulsive decisions and go with the flow, so only time will tell where my feet take me. I don’t like to limit myself to much, because there are a lot of things I can picture myself doing, but I’d like to say that 10 years from now I will have landed a decent paying job (maybe with a magazine company, design firm, or even working freelance), and hopefully I will have saved oodles of cash to explore the world and move out of my parents house!

The only software programs I’ve really used are Photoshop and Lightroom. I’ve got the basics down for photoshop and have spent much more time with lightroom, but other than that.. my computer skills aren’t really all that advanced.