Introduction: Cindy Lubinic

Name: Cindy Lubinic (Cindy Lubnič) [pronouced: SIN-dee LOO-bee-neech]

Major: Graphic Design

Technology Comfort Level: Intermediate

I could not possibly tell you what I’m going to be doing in ten years. However I do hope to eventually retire  in a quiet, possibly remote place of the world. For example: Bhutan. I also would like to have a well established career in freelance graphic design(if that even exists), as soon as I figure out what exactly graphic design is. I also would like to teach design and hopefully inspire and innovate the generation of designers after me. Finally, I would really like to eventually have my own exhibition of my work sometime in the future. But, then again not everything is set in stone. For all I know, I could graduate and realize that all I wanna do with my life is play guitar smoke cigarettes and eat Kraft Dinner.

3 Responses to “Introduction: Cindy Lubinic”

  1.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    so edgy!!!
    we should make Jesse identify you in class

    “A photograph of you, that clearly shows your face. This is so that your colleagues and I can identify you.”

  2.   Amir Kavehei Says:

    I’m with u whenever u want to smoke

  3.   jjackson Says:

    I know who Cindy is. And I want some KD.