introduction: Kenny Jia

hey, my real name is Yizhen Jia, but since most people in ocad have difficulties pronouncing it, so I go by Kenny.

My major is illustration. I chose to major in illustration because graphic design is really boring, fine art drives me crazy and 3d… I almost failed form & structure. I want to be a full time art teacher in the future and freelance in illustration part time because i heard that illustrators don’t make any money. I think it’s better to have a stable job so I can support myself.

I’m pretty comfortable with most Adobe softwares, but I don’t have a clue when it comes to stuff like imovie or auto cad. I’m also a lab monitor in school. I’ll be in room 665 on Friday from 8am to 1pm. please come and visit me because I’m going to be really bored.

Add me on facebook: Yizhan Kenny Ji

3 Responses to “introduction: Kenny Jia”

  1.   Cindy Lubinic Says:

    Nice dog Kenny.

  2.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    haha thx cindy~ i wish i have a dog but i don’t O_o
    this is a puppy i took photo with at Santa Claus parade

  3.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    SOOOOO CUTE. I think you showed me that in form and structure but it is still really cute.