Introduction: Sharon Leung

Name: Sharon Leung

Major: Graphic Design

To be honest I’m not really sure where I can see myself in 10 years. Probably working as a freelance designer for people with no taste, pulling all-nighters like I’m still in school and living off meals of kimchi and rice.

My interest in graphic design first began when I was yearbook editor in high school, and after two years of wrong, but necessary, choices, here I am. Somewhere before all of that though, I wanted to be all sorts of things like a fashion/costume designer, a pastry chef and a children’s book illustrator. (I still sort of secretly do.) I guess realistically I’m hoping for a more varied work experience from studying graphic design, instead of becoming a logo-making machine.

I’m quite comfortable with using technology, though most of my knowledge is self-taught. I have experience with design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. I think I’m a pretty quick learner when it comes to learning new programs.