project 2 Toy

rough sketches:

3 ideas:

1. the ” I ♥ beer” Rubik cube

It is a rubik cube for adults(since it is about alcohol). Player is suppose to play it like a regular rubik cube, but instead of matching the colors, s/he should match the formula like image down below. (age: 19+)

2. fetch, fish

This is a toy that allow you and your pet fish to play together. It is a remote control mini fish toy for your fish. Your fish will chase this fish toy and you can enjoy your interaction with your pet fish. I find that my pet fish doesn’t interact with me a lot. She just stays in the fish tank all day, so this A little bit exercise is healthy for your fish. (age: 6+)

3. collectible clay cats

this is going to be a set of collectible toys. Its going to be 3 cats that’s made out of clay. It is going to be detailed and colorful. This is for people who loves cats and they are going to enjoy having this set of collectible cats.


“I ♥ Beer” Rubik’s Cube


iDraw Rubik’s Cube

7 Responses to “project 2 Toy”

  1.   Amir Kavehei Says:

    I love Yizhen jia’s rubic cube. It’s funny, smart, and playful. I like how the system of her mapping is easy to follow. Also her color choices are appropriate. for example, the arrow signs= the arrow is black with yellow background which makes a good contrast and there fore the sign is easilyvisible. I also like the pet fish one but I think that would work if your fish is a piranha lol. Plus making a remote control which connects to the water can be a bit difficult if you want to make a prototype out of it. I would stick to the rubic cubes.

  2.   Mhairi Robertson Says:

    I think that the beer rubicks cube is definitely your best idea. Im not sure how many of us would buy clay cats. The idea of the toy fish is really fun but I also dont know how many people would buy it. The fish is fun but I can see more students buying the rubicks beer cube as a joke.

  3.   Renars Dimza Says:

    I lik the whole rubric cube for adults idea maybe you can change the shape toa sphere or somthing to make it more interesting?

  4.   Cindy Lubinic Says:

    I really like the rubiks cube, its a fun idea that I think people would really use at OCAD. The only concern is the drinkning ascpet of it and how this toy might be encouragin drinking. Not that that’s a horrible thing but there are alot of side effects to drinking. … I dunno. I still like the idea, it just seems like a toy that I would be confused about at first, but once i figured it out I would be addicted to it.

  5.   Andrew Michael Walker Says:

    I was completely confused before about your rubik’s cube idea, I thought the sides would look like the poster! A rubik’s cube like that would be impossible! But that did give me an idea. Since I highly doubt a lot of people who would buy a beer themed rubik’s cube would have the patience to solve it, why not make it a mix and match sort of thing? You just move the pieces around in any order you want, and each square goes together to make ridiculous combinations like on the poster? I’m explaining it terribly lol. (I wanna know what that subway thing is)

  6.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    @ andrew: the sketches are the 6 undeveloped idea. Yes it is suppose to look like the poster! and I was thinking about the exact same thing about the mix and match. But it sounds hard so I’m planning on making both, just incase if any of it fails.and don’t worry andrew since my english sucks… the mini subway is a toy that recreates a subway station. it suppose to explain how a subway runs and all kinds of situation that will happen to the subway(got this idea just on friday when i was stuck in between union and king for 1 hr. stuck in the subway for about 2.5 hr in total. because some fire fighter got caught in the station or something.) this is a toy for the nerds and nerds gonna be.

    @ cindy: That is why this toy is 19+. and we are going to sell this in the beer store as a side product, so the target market is the drinking customers. this won’t have a bad influence on the non drinking crowd.

    @ Renars: That’s a great idea, maybe i can make it like a beer bottle shape, but I’m afraid I’m not smart enough for that.

    @everyone: thanks for the comments, you guys are inspirational!!!

  7.   Hilda Lam Says:

    I really like the fish idea! but as we said before, its hard to make it 🙁