toy project by Cornelia Li


The key to succeeding this game is quick reaction.  It can be played by a single person or a group of people. The toy itself is shaped like a toaster with 4 toasts in place. Each player has a pan for catching the toasts. Players press down on the toast as they would operate a real toaster, and then press the release button to let the toasts pop. The force of the elastic bands inside the toaster will cause all the toasts to pop up high, and the players’ responsibility is catch all of them.

“Adventure in the Hunted House”

This is double-floored board game, where players will experience an adventure in the haunted house. This game involves social interaction and a minimum of two players is required. Each player will choose a character and start in the front yard of the haunted house. Players take turns rolling a die, and will take same number of the steps as the numbers rolled. As players proceed into the house, there will be traps and surprises; some will place players at a disadvantage. The final goal is the roof, and the first one who reaches there is the winner.

“Shooter of the Fancy Bullets”

this games requires skill and some physics knowledge to play and is aimed toward older clients. Its composed of two parts: the aim board and the launcher.  this can be played with one person or as a competition  between many people. On the aim board there are 3 rows of holes, the lowest ones have the highest points (because they are the hardest to get in). the launcher is set a certain distance from the board, where the player place bullets (soft foam balls) in place and aim to get into those holes. Once aimed, the hitter is pulled back and launched to shoot out the bullet.

I Have problems deciding between the toaster and the board game!!!

the toaster one seems more original but less applicable in reality (mess problems etc), and the board game is safer but seems less original (many people have boardgame ideas it seems)


o and, this is the board game in detail. It’s a two-floored haunted house


Another idea !!!

Since the toy is designed for OCAD student, I came up with another idea thats about optical illusion:

the video shows its effect.

this works like a slide show. There will be many designs that, when slide the bars across, presents a multi frame animation. The designes can have deliver a certain message (either visual or written), or just for sensual pleasure.




Animated illusion: the final proposal.

During the prototype experiment, many people were amazed by the visual effect the toy gave. They cannot believe that confusing images become moving objects when black bars are slid over them. Therefore, I decided to incorporate the animated illusion to window blinds and other household items and furniture that practices sliding, so even the simplest daily activity can be fun.

In the window blind design, a sun-shield with animation frames is installed behind the blind. The slats, with their underside painted in the same colour as the animation frames, are collected at the top of the blind instead of the bottom when pulled up to reveal the animation. The clicking mechanism in the blinds will produce a clicking sound to notify you when the slats are rotated to the right angle to show the animation. When the blind is pulled, a jumping rabbit, a pumping heart, a walking person, or what ever animation you favoured, will be presened.

If you do not wish for a sunshade, replaceable plastic versions are also available. Animation images are printed onto sheets of clear, soft plastics with suction cups on the back, and are attached to the window. This allows for more variety and cheaper prices, even though it does not serve any function like the sunshade.

The same concept can be applied to glass door slide. The sliding panel is installed with horizontal black bars and the stationary panel is covered by a replaceable, plastic sticker with the images on it. Instead of vertical motion, horizontal motion is applied and the result is just as amazing.

The biggest advantage is that the animation is easy to make and inexpensive to produce. This allows for variety and frequent replacements. The animated image can also be personalized to suit different people and deliver different messages. For example, on the sliding door of the first-floor closet, a sticker with “welcome” can be used. On the window of a student, constantly used info (definitions, formulas) can be posted.

Steps for making your own animated illusion

The animated illusion is actually very simple to make once you know how it operates. The subject of the animation, which looks like multiple line segments combined at random, is actually consists of a number of frames of a consecutive movement, just like how a film is consisted of different frames. The group of evenly-spaced black bars is the blocking device that only shows one frame at a time. As you move the bars across the line segments, the frames are displayed individually and consecutively, showing an animated scene.

Here are the steps to making a simple, animated illusion, made using Photoshop:

  1. Create the bars. This can be done using the pencil tool with help of the shift key to make sure the lines are straight. The number of frames in your animation is determined at this stage. The space between the bars is equal to the thickness of the bars divided by the number of the frames you want minus one. (In this case, I want 8 frames and the thickness of the bars is 14 pixels, so the space in between is 2 pixels: 14/(8-1)=2)
  2. Now, choose the subject of animation. For good results, it is best to keep the subject simple. The subject must be black and white only without any gradation. You may have details but I find silhouettes works better. Of the same subject, create eight stages of the same action. In this case, I chose a person walking.
  3. 3.Overlap all the figures so the tarsals of the figures are in the same position. Adjust the figures to the appropriate size.   
  4. Now the important part. Make only the first frame visible and adjust the transparency of the bars to 85%. Erase all the components of the figure where overlapped with the bars. You should be left with many line segments.
  5. Move the bars up so until their top edges just overlap with those of the line segments.                                                   
  6. Now hide the first frame and make visible the second frame. Make sure it’s the right frame! Or the figure’s action won’t be fluent. Repeat step 4 and 5 for the rest of the frames. When all of the frames are made visible, you should have a bunch of line segments next to each other
  7. Print the bars on a piece of acetate and the frames on reular paper. Move the bars and you will see your animation!

6 Responses to “toy project by Cornelia Li”

  1.   Amir Kavehei Says:

    Pop by shi tong li seems interesting since we can look at it in aspect of making the house keeper fun. However, I doubt a house keeper would doubt such as risk in order to make his/her house a mess. If we think this toy is made for everybody, I would say people would get board out of it after a while since the game does not offer you much.Although simplicity is important I think it should come with an interesting, and smart concept. By the way I’m with you if you want to go that haunted house, I think the idea is interesting you can make your prototype out of Lego and show the surprises to people, or you can make a mocked.

  2.   Hung Hei Tse Says:

    I really like the Toaster idea, it is a smart idea that you find somthing relate to our daily life and have fun in the morning while toasting.

  3.   Caroline Van Says:

    i think the toaster is a great idea. and if you do decide to make it real (like we discussed in class)
    i would like to suggest the idea of imprinting designs into the toast while its being toasted

  4.   Caroline Van Says:

    btw do you have the sheet for the persona? would you like to post it up or should i ?

  5.   Shi Tong Li Says:

    I will post it. Just tell me if somethings are not right

  6.   Yizhen Jia Says:

    I really like the toaster idea, but the board game sounds fun, too. I think you should go for that one ^_^