Project 2

Detailed roughs:

Celeb Makeover Placemats

Bored? Tired of the same old placemats? Draw on the faces of your favourite (or least favourite) celebrities with Celeb Makeover Placemats!

This placemat has three acetate layers: One to protect your drawing from food spills, one for drawing on, and one to help hold the photo in place. In between the bottom two layers, place the photo and start drawing on the middle layer of acetate. Wipe away mistakes easily. (No water required.) Or wipe off your drawing and start a new one! Easy to change photos. Black border ensures you don’t accidentally draw on your table!

Great for doing with friends. Use your creativity, cure your boredom, and have many laughs. If your creation is so great that you can’t help but have the whole world see it, take a picture and post it on our website!

Also great for restaurants. Keep your guests entertained while they wait for their food!

Starter set comes with 4 placemats, 5 black and white photos, 6 coloured dry erase markers and 2 static cleaning cloths.

New packages of 5 photos of the most popular celebs will be released monthly for purchase.

Give them earrings, horns, glasses, or an extra eye. The possibilities are endless!!

One Response to “Project 2”

  1.   Cindy Lubinic Says:

    I love the play on pin the tail on the donkey. it sort of the more mature version of the game which I really lilke. I think you could even develop different versions and animals. Its a fun idea.