And Object that I Love/Hate

An object that I really love is my DOMO bag. (see figure 1) Reason being, it is extremely functional, the mapping of the functions is clear, and obvious. I know that the zipper to the pockets are going to be at the side, and that they all line up at the right hand side.  The bag not only provides a clear purpose, but it also does a good job at doing so because it has good visability. The layout of all the functions (zippiers, straps etc.) are clear. The purpose of this bag is to support items, and the bag certainly does so. Finally, it’s a DOMO bag, it’s awesome and cute. What’s not to like?

An object however that I hate (and most people disagree) is my iphone. (see figure 2) Not only does this phone have medicore mapping, but the functions of certain aspects of the phone are horrible and constraining. A good example of this would be autocorrect and the keyboard. The keyboard of an iphone is difficult to use when typing fast. Often when you want to press one letter you press the one beside it. To help with this there is autocorrect which in my opinion is even worse than the keyboard. It corrects words into things that are nowhere near what you intend to say. An example that happened to me personally, Awwww – sewer. (and yes I did send it without knowing and my friend still thinks I’m weird) 

Also, for autocorrect example, see link.