De-constructing an interaction: Opening a Straw & Inserting it into the Drink

  • Design Observations
    • Forces to open wrapping before using the straw
    • The straw has to slide out of the paper to be removed
    • To be able to drink, straw must be inserted into hole
    • If straw is damaged, it will most likely be used anyway
  • Interaction Observations
    • blindly stabbing the drink
    • quickly taking off the wrapper

Techniques & Problems

  • Stomper– ends get smashed
  • Peeler- time and coordination
  • Tearer -time and coordination
  • Top rip- hard to take straw out (bunching)
  • Shredder-more pieces/mess
  • Biter – paper in mouth –paper sticks(wet)
  • Yanker- makes life tougher, longer to get off, hurting of people
  • forgets to hold the cup
  • could not get the straw in
  • misses the hole


  • Excess waste (messy)
  • Troubles getting paper off
  • Paper sticks to hands(static/wet/etc)
  • Hole bigger (or less hard)
  • Coloured
  • Slightly Thicker paper
  • Biodegradable thin plastic