De-constructing an interaction: working on OCAD chairs

By: Judy, Renars, Sandra, Nicolas


– Students are spending many hours sitting during work
– The design of the chair affects students working
– Necessary to allow students in OCAD to work in comfort
– Main goal is to be able to work without having disturbance or being bothered: the chairs are designed to give comfort to students while working


Interaction Analysis

Survey Questions
– Do you think that this chair is appropriate for computer use? In a scale from one to ten, one being the worst and ten being the best, what would you rate this chair?
– What types of adjustments do you make to the chair when you sit down?
– What types of problems have you had with this particular chair?
– How many hours per day do you usually sit in front of a computer at OCADU?
– How many hours per day can you tolerate sitting in this chair?

Overview of Problems:
based on our survey, we came to a conclusion that students mainly had problems with the following:
– Seat is uncomfortable, too hard
– Backrest is too low
– Chair is small
– Missing armrest
– Wheels don’t roll well
– Chair breaks easily

Suggested design for new chairs with features including:
– comfortable to sit on during long working periods
– Seating surface that is easy to care
– Height adjustable for a comfortable sitting posture
– Stronger structure to prevent breaking easily
– Adjustable and lockable tilt function for increased stability and control in different sitting positions
– Built-in support; provides extra relief and support for your back
– Armrest