Excercise 8: persona



Name: Frank

Resident: an unit in a condo, with roomates on Colledge St.

Wear: generally wears loose clothes include T-shirts, hoodies, sneakers (with laces untied)

Diet: Prefer fast foods; usually eat pizza, chips, and pops. Heavily dependent on coffee. Also loves sushi.

Love/Interest: free drawing, his dog, interpretive dance, sewing, talking, coffee

Hate: homework, time tracking, Alarm clocks. waking up early, commuting

– tends to energetic at night and sleepy during the day

-does not care much for appearance-has dreaded hair and black rings under the eyes.

-disheveled and skips class a lot

-socially interactive only with people he is familiar with.

– a drinker!

photo by gimpbully


2 Responses to “Excercise 8: persona”

  1.   Caroline Van Says:

    hey mind including our names
    thx 🙂

  2.   Shi Tong Li Says:

    i dont remeber every one OO