Exercise 5: Object I (Tse Hung Hei) love and Hate

The Object that I love is my Iphone 4. As everyone know, Iphone 4 has many functions, such as calling, texting, going on internet, checking weather, gaming, and etc. The reason why I love Iphone 4 is that the affordance is simple and unique,  plus it upgrades a higher-resolution screen, which renders photos, text, and apps look nicely crisp and smooth. It’s also got a 5-megapixel camera with other improvements. The mapping of the iphone is good, once you touch the screen of the phone, its sensor will sense your finger very quick. Also, as a graphic student, one of the reason I obsesses with Iphone 4 is because there are many great photo editing apps, you can take a photo and edit where ever you are. Then there is FaceTime, the video calling feature. I can video call with my friends or family around the world without charging any long distance payment. Honestly, Iphone 4 is almost perfect, except the phone’s reception issues and the battery life of the phone.

The object that I hate would be my eye contact lens. Many people have vision issues, for near and far. They wear glasses or soft lens to solve the issue, and I am one of them who use both. Although, I admit that eye contact lens is one of the most successful inventions without a doubt. But, it actually has many problems to deal with before you put it on and as well as after you take it off. First, you have to wash your hands thoroughly before handling lenses, otherwise you might get infection. The lack of visibility is one of the reason I hate eye contacts, since you have vision problems, when you are wearing it, you might lost it and which make you cant find it easily. When stuff gets in your eye it hurts about a thousand times more while you’re wearing contacts, and then you got to take them out and wash them to fix the problem. Also, you can not wear them all the time, you got to take them out before you sleep, otherwise the contact lens might dry out and it break pieces inside your eyes. In addition, the worst thing about contact lens are, you got to keep ordering them, and in fact if you have astigmatism, the contact lens are actually cause a lot more than just normal near vision issues, which not all the people can afford. Other than that they’re very helpful, especially when you are playing sports or going out with out wearing your geek glasses.