Exercise 5: Sam’s Love and Hate Relationships

An object that I absolutely love is my Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

I guess the main thing that I love about the tablet is that it functions like a pencil and paper, easy and direct. There are two accessories that function with the tablet: a wireless mouse and a tablet-pen. In the center of the tablet, there is a sensor screen that mimics you computer screen. Wherever the mouse or pen are placed on the tablet screen, the blue circle above will light up and the mouse will also appear on the monitor (ie. pen is above the top left of the tablet, the mouse will locate itself at the top left of the monitor screen).  The mapping of the tablet is good; once you place the mouse or tablet-pen on top or slightly above the screen, the sensors immediately pick up and the mouse appears on your computer screen. This makes drawing/art using Photoshop not only easier then a normal mouse, but more accurate and precise in details. My tablet has already replaced my old plug in mouse which saves me USB cable space. Another thing I enjoy about the Bamboo Tablet is, like I said before, how it works like a pencil on paper, the main difference is that the drawing/action is all digital, which saves me the trouble of scanning my work and then trying to convert the lines, colours and background into a clean digital design. The tablet-pen has two ends: the bottom (smaller) end is for lines and drawing, and the opposite (rounder) end functions as an eraser. Therefore, the tablet affords better digital drawing. In all, the Bamboo Tablet is a fun and effective piece of technology for artists who create digital drawings and works. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

An object that I hate would have to be our old toaster oven. (I do not know what model this is…it’s that old!)

While it is a fairly useful at cooking frozen fries and chicken and making toast, there are lots of things that I find irritating about it. For one, the opening is extremely small height wise. Obviously it’s a physical constraint so the user doesn’t over-pile the oven and possibly break it, which I don’t mind. However, the inside and surrounding frame of the opening are made of metal, and are extremely hot after heating up. The oven rack is also metal and becomes hot even after toasting a piece of bread! Another issue which relates to this one is that to toast, you have to insert the bread farther back into the toaster, otherwise it won’t toast well. So, we have a piece of toast lodged way back in this thing, surrounded by a metal frame and a very hot oven rack below it. It’s a death trap for any hand reaching inside to claim it’s breakfast! I’ve had my fingers burned from this thing way to many times for my liking. Another reason why I dislike the toaster oven (as if burnt fingers wasn’t enough) is because there is no timing system to the oven. You place your meal inside, set the temperature correctly, and must sit around until you think it’s done. If you wander off for a bit while you wait and forget to check on your food, it will keep on cooking. In fact, the only possible way to know if your food is done cooking or not is by the smell: if it’s strong enough, it’s probably done.