exercise 5. what kenny love and hate

by: Yizhen Jia (Kenny)

It is my pleasure to introduce the first object: my cell phone charger!!!

Yes! This cell phone charger is what I like the best in the package that came with the purchase of my cell phone.  it excellent performance won over both of my dad’s heart and mine.

the plug in affordance functions way better than the old style charger. By making the shape of the converter horizontal to the socket, this design saved space and its easier to unplug. after plugging in, the phone gives out visible, audio and physical feedback immediately. It lights up, beeps, and vibrates,  so the user knows that the cell phone is charging. While plugging in to the cell phone, the physical constraint of the two long plastic plugs hold on to the phone. Unless pull on it with a reasonable amount of force, the connection will not break off.

The only thing i don’t like about this charger is that it takes too long to charge the phone.

Next is something that i HATE: apple’s one key mouse

It’s an unforgivable bad design. This mouse has no other advantages other than good looking.

This mouse does not give positive feedback. When clicking the mouse, sound is really small and hard to hear. The mouse does not have a right key or a scrolling wheel, which effect the affordance of the functions greatly. You have to press down control key and click for right click and click and drag to scroll. The click and drag function of this object works really bad because you have to push down at the mouse when you are dragging a file while with other mouse you only have to hold on to one key. That constraints the user from finish dragging the file at once.

But as you can see in the photo, this kind of mouse was for the old emac, so WHAT are they doing in the ocad computer labs?