Exercise Eight


the sleepless sketcher

Anonymous, Judy, Prisilla, Marco

Age: 22
Major: Illustration
Credits earned: 6.5
Residence: Oakville sublet
Income: OSAP and part time food services (independent from parents)
Combined Workload: >60 hours per week
Diet: Frequently coffee and fast food, nutritionally unbalanced
Wardrobe: Comfortable, inexpensive, unvaried
Music preference: Obscure hipster bands, Black Eyed Peas
Device preference: Apple products
Loves: Drawing, music, Apple, saturated colours
Hates: Morning classes, essays, lectures, science

Draws mostly for personal satisfaction rather than assigned work
Draws while commuting
Poor essay writing ability
Undiagnosed manic depression
Often forgets to eat, sleep, and perform routine maintenance
Excellent technical results

Photograph: Eoin Gardiner
Sketching the heron