Exercise Five; An Object Mhairi Loves, An Object Mhairi Hates

An object  I hate is defintely my phone the Huawei U7519. I was drawn to this phone by the allure of having a touch screen at a lower price than an iphone. Unfortunately, the touch screen on this phone is not very responsive. I am constantly getting comments like ‘Why are you tapping your phone so hard, you are going to break it!’ and I have to tell them that if it I don’t press the phone this hard it won’t work.

However, I do think the mapping of this phone is okay. It is easy and intuitive to navigate,  most of the phones icons like ‘address book’ and ‘messages’ are easy to understand as they are used everywhere. The phone also allows you to drag out certain items and arrange them on the home screen much like an iphone organizes apps. The Huawei phone also allows you to hide the ones you don’t use very often or don’t want to see.

This phone’s affordance is okay. It includes the obvious call and hang up buttons a center button and a power button. There are volume and camera buttons on the other side both  marked with easily understandable icons. The only thing is that there are certain times when these buttons don’t serve the purpose you would expect them to. When I am saving a new contact I will press the center button to select a new heading. Instead of selecting this like you would think, the contact saves and closes. That doesn’t make any sense.

If this phone were to have a more receptive screen then it would definitely be way better. It’s unfortunate that everything else is spoiled because you can’t use the phone with ease.

An object I love is my laptop, a Compaq Presario CQ50. I’ve had this laptop for nearly three years now and I haven’t had any problems with it. The design on this is minimal and has lasted the constant stream of ‘new’ computers. The affordance of this laptop is great. Apart from the keyboard there are only two buttons; a power button and a button to turn  the wifi on and off. The visibility of these buttons is great, they light up and provide great contrast to the black of the keyboard.

The mapping of my computer is the same as any other vista machine. A lot of people complain about this system but I honestly have not had any issues with it. As long as you have used a windows machine before you can operate this with ease.