Exercise Five: Love/Hate Relationship of a Drummer

Vic Firth’s American Classic Hickory HD9 are drumsticks that I LOVE. I haven’t always been using these particular kind of sticks though. I went through many different brands and styles over the past few years before I used these and realized they were the perfect fit. The shape and feel of the sticks are perfect for my big hands and are the most comfortable to play with.¬†One of the main affordances of these sticks is that they are going to be hit HARD on cymbals and drums and since they are long, slim and made of wood they are bound to break sooner or later. Out of all the drumsticks I have used, these are definitely the most durable. Hickory is a very strong type of wood and these sticks are thicker than most so they do last me awhile even though they take quite a beating a few times a week (I play in a hard rock/metal band). ¬†These sticks are still not indestructible though (obviously) which is why I now buy them in bulk. It saves me some money and I know that when I break a pair, I still have an extra 11 pairs of my favourite drumsticks ready to go.

Last year, I realized that since I drum a lot louder than I used to, hearing protection seemed like a no brainer and I also wanted some good headphones to listen to music in my room (or to watch movies on my mac) so I bought these SHURE SRH440 headphones. I had never heard of the brand before but they were on sale at Future Shop and my friend bought a pair and said they were great so that was good enough for me. Now it’s a year later and I HATE them. It has nothing to do with the sound quality (they sound pretty good actually); they are just extremely uncomfortable! The inside of each earphone is not deep enough and the plastic presses right up against my ears and after about 20 minutes, they REALLY hurt. Also, the headband that goes across the top that does have a bit of cushioning on it is definitely not enough because it eventually puts pressure on the top of my head to make it hurt too. So, after about 20 minutes of trying to enjoy music, I have a headache and ears ache. The earphones themselves are also very bad at letting sound bleed out (even at moderate volumes) which is why I have never used them out in public. Lastly, the cord is one of those twirly kinds reminiscent of old phone cords but it may as well be a bungee cord because if I have them on and try to sit farther away from my record player, I feel this immense pressure trying to pull the headphones off my head. Couldn’t they have just made the cord longer instead? So overall, these headphones were not a great investment and I really wish I had saved the extra money and bought some nice noise-cancelling Bose headphones instead because they are super comfy (it’s like having lazyboy cushions on your ears), they’re more compact and the sound quality is amazing. Next time, I’ll know better.