Exercise Five: Objects that I, Caroline, love and hate

Hate: Earbuds

The object that I hate is my earbuds. It does its job, outputting music, perfectly. I don’t think I could live without my earbuds. They are one of the best inventions for avoiding awkward situations or just unwanted situations, of course second to texting. For example, if your mom is nagging you in the car, just plug yourself into your earbuds; and let her nag away, because you won’t hear anything. They are great, but that does not mean that they are 100% perfect.

There are 2 things I hate about earbuds, number 1 is the easily tangible wire. I swear, no matter have strategically you store the earbuds in your pocket, when you take it out it is tangled. Even when you are wearing the earbuds, they somehow always get tangled. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am sick of untangling those things. It’s crazy how tangled they get sometimes. It is ridiculous. I think that because they get tangled so often and easily, this affects the lifespan of the earbuds. Because it tangles, this causes damage to the inner wiring thus causing the quality of the sound to deteriorate and eventually the earbuds will break.

(note: I hate apple earbuds. I would rather pay “a little” more Dr Dre earbuds, no tangle. )

Problem number 2 is the shape of the earbuds. I know there are many many different shapes that have been invent, from ones that hook behind the ear to the squishy jelly ones that feel like someone gave you a permanent wet willie, but the earbud shape I am talking about are the Apple earbuds. At first they are ok, but after 3-4 hours they start to hurt. You’d think that by now Apple who have changed that problem.

(off note: does anyone get shocks from there earbuds? I get it alot. It worries me, but not enough to take them out of my ear)


Love:  Starbucks Splash Sticks

The object I adore are the Starbucks no spill stick things.  Before I discovered what those green sticks on the Starbucks counter were for, I always hated when my coffee spilled out of the cup and onto my hand. (note: I think Starbucks are the only place that have it.) It’s funny we have this exercise, because I just recently had an extensive conversation with a friend about how genius this invention is.

The affordance is clear and simple, pretty much a no brainer. The long shaft of the stick is to be inserted in the hole of the cup’s lid. There is the thicker part, “the plug”, at the top of the stick, will obviously plug into the sipping hole. This will stop all the hot liquid inside the cup from spilling.

A simple design but BRILLIANT. God’s gift to coffee loving  addicted people like me.

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  1.   jjackson Says:

    I’ve never seen a splash stick before. Interesting.