My Toy Designs: Marco Paravani

My first intinct was to create something soft and squishy. Whatever I was to make, I wanted it to invoke a sense of comfort as its main function. A favourite design of mine was my Plush Transformer Couch, that stands as a soft robot, and transforms into a miniature couch. I moved on from the idea when I considered my demographic (teens and not children). I had a few other fun ideas, from motorized toothbrush-head racers and static wands, to an easy-reload, nerf-backpack. I even developed a plush puppet, alligator keychain with squeaker for a mouth, for on the go entertainment.

My favourite design was a plush ball with a built-in microphone and speaker. The user would squish the ball to record and toss it to his/her friend to be heard and responded to. A game of catch made funner!

Not being able to let go of my plushie obsession, I eventually found myself in the realm of collectible toys. I came up with the Extra-Terrestrials. A group of anthropomorphic plushies for which additional velcro ligaments could be bought and attached to customize ones own alien.

When I brought my prototype to class, I was informed of the difficulties of finding a niche in the ‘collectibles market’. To solve the issue of irrelevancy my toy seemed to face, I decided to give my personalized plushie a few functions the average student might find useful.

In doing so, I didn’t so much create a fun, new toy as I did introduce a few of those fun factors we discussed in class to a functional, everyday object.

By combining 3 tools most students are never without in a unique fashion, I’ve created a must-have for every young, hipster of today.

He’s more than just a pencil case that makes for a good pillow :)

Say hello to Archibald Grouch. He’s gluttonous, he’s loud, and he’s too smart for his own good! Who would have thought he’d be YOUR best friend? This hundred and sixty-five year old extra-terrestrial emigrated from Planet Plushie for new opportunities and a better life, and like it or not, he’s found his way to you! Don’t be too alarmed, though; he’s only slightly bigoted for his age, and half as senile!

With countless politically incorrect catchphrases to boot, Archie is the perfect companion for the busy student. And not just because of his potty mouth or devilish good looks.

Take a listen! Archie Speech1 Archie Speech2

Aside from being your only senior friend who enjoys sucking on loose change, makeup and pencils when you aren’t using them, Archie loves nothing more than to serenade you with your favourite tunes, and he’s not afraid to do it in public! With a built in iPod speaker, Archie will sing you whatever you want, WHEREVER you want!

Are you sick of your friends forgetting your name all the time? Archie never forgets a thing! Despite his compact size and abnormally large mouth, he’s got one big brain. In fact, he’s got the greatest memory an inanimate substitute for a friend can have! Thirty-two gigabytes of memory, to be exact. That’s right, Archie is also a portable hard drive! Not only is he cute, cuddly and musical, he’s a genius too! (this may be a good time to mention he’s also single, ladies).