Object I love and Hate

The object that I love is my blackberry curve. Pretty much this phone is good for many uses such as going on the internet, calling, texting, and anything else. What I like about it is that blackberrys have the affordance to make texting much more simpler by having every single key on the phone like a computer keyboard. The other phones I have a few buttons that contain 3-4 letters per key which make it less convenient when texting. As well it has good physical constraints like a track pad which provides a control surface in a small space, and you can still move it around much like a mouse on a computer. As well, the locking buttons are also a good constraint because I don’t have to worry about accidently making phone calls unlike some touch screen phones. Not to mention like many other cellphones it contains the psychological constraints like conventions; the keys on the blackberry have icons and symbols that make it much more obvious as to what to click based on what I want to do on the phone. The only thing I have problems with the phone is that it freezes from time to time.

The object that I hate would be my M lance “T” ruler. As much as the idea is great to make lines straight when drawing the sides that stick out is a major physical constraint. I have to fully lift the ruler instead of sliding it around my paper because the plastic sides are thicker and gets caught on my papers a lot of the time. On tope of that, because the plastic sides are thicker it makes the entire ruler unbalanced, so when the ruler is placed on the floor there is a giant gap created between the opposite ends. Perhaps another physical constraint should be made to balance the ruler out so that when drawing, my pencil won’t slide under the gap and make my lines uneven. I barely use this ruler anymore after all the trouble it gave me.